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R. T. (Bob) Dyer, President and CEO, The Energy Authority

“Alan has helped our Board and executive team develop and reach agreement on a strategic plan and marketing plan to position us for our next stage of growth. He has also been instrumental in helping us with business development and implementing a new approach to our marketplace.”

Barbara J. Haagsma, PhD and CEO, Rue Educational Publishers, Inc.

”If you want synergy in your organization, you want Alan Caron. Alan is a dynamic business partner with a powerful presentation that is far reaching. He has guided our organization to be aligned by introducing strategic thinking, best practices and innovative marketing concepts. Alan is a consultant that knows his business and he makes it his business to know yours.”

Bert Kalisch, President, American Public Gas Association

"All of our members and staff agree you did an outstanding job!!! Your impressive display of facilitation was demonstrated for a day and half by keeping a group of 45 strong-willed individuals focused and on-point. Upon completing the session, we achieved a strong consensus on a handful of core strategies and key success measures. Our committees are now ready to plan action items to achieve those strategies and our Board has a method to measure our success along the way.

"I also believe that a large part of our success came about by your investment of time preparing for the meeting. Specifically, reviewing our current plan and calling many of our Board members to get a better sense of our association. We look forward to working with you again, and I am very pleased to recommend your services to my colleagues and peers in the association industry.

"Again, thank you very much for your attention and contribution that moves APGA closer to achieving our vision To Be the Voice and Choice of Public Gas.”

Robert K. Green, President, Utilicorp United, Inc. and Chairman, Aquila Energy 

"Alan is a creative strategic thinker with a good marketing mind. He focuses on getting results, and has been a strong contributor to our organization in strategy, marketing and business development."

Ken Wolsey, President, Integration Partners, Inc.

"The strategy development process that Alan facilitated for us and the advice he provided in putting together our business plan was very insightful and effective. Our plan has a polished professional look, which has been noted in several meetings with the venture community. This has given us the opportunity to tell our story in places that otherwise would not have been accessible to us."

James Craft, CEO, CTSI Corporation

"Alan was a tremendous resource in helping us develop our strategic plan and 5-year business plan–we want him to help us with implementation issues, as well."

Steve Johnson, Vice President, Reliant/Minnegasco

"If you want a high impact, creative marketing or strategic plan, you can count on Alan Caron to effectively help you to build it."

Dr. David Rogers, Principal, David D. C. Rogers Associates

"He’s one of the best senior executive/consultant presenters I know---he can quickly capture an audience and powerfully get his message across–very creative in developing and presenting new concepts."

Dr. Henry Cialone, Vice President, Battelle Institute

"Alan brings a high level of energy and extensive experience to the process of strategic planning. We received great value working with him."

Kenneth Van Meter, CEO, Celerity Systems, Inc.

"Alan helped us craft a strategic plan that has proven to be of great value to us. He has also helped the executive team understand the key priorities for one of our key market segment, and has introduced us to major players. We are in a lead position today thanks to Alan's ideas and hard work."

John Hunter, Managing Director, EXNET

"As a speaker, Alan Caron commands attention with his superb content and effective delivery. EXNET audiences always give him top ratings."

Dr. Phillip O’Connor, President, New Energy Midwest

"Alan’s a very effective business strategist. He has a great deal of breadth and depth in all areas of strategic management and is an excellent facilitator."

Robert M. Bryniak, CEO, Environmental Waste Management, Inc.

"He’s outstanding in leading strategic and business plan development, and it really doesn't matter what industry you're in. Alan's strong business acumen, along with his disciplined approach to unraveling complex strategic issues and his common sense approach, enables him to bring value to a company."

Sam Pearson. Vice President, Oracle

"I've worked with Alan on a business plan for a large new venture and in developing complex business alliances–he is very effective. He successfully led a diverse team of senior executives from several different industries though a very complex business planning process."

David Smith, CFO, Tennessee Valley Authority

"He is a creative facilitator with an in-depth grasp of all areas of strategic management and marketing.."

Judith Finch, Law Offices of Judith Finch

"I receive calls from my clients thanking me for referring them to Alan Caron. Alan can help any business improve its bottom line. He brings a wealth of experience and executive seasoning generally unavailable to smaller businesses."

Steve Cochennet, President, Utilicorp Energy Services

"Alan always comes up with creative ideas to help with our strategic direction and has been very productive in assisting with marketing and business development issues."

Michaelin McCall, CEO, Pisces Swimwear

"He gave my partner and I wonderful guidance on how to strategically and sensibly grow our business–we enjoy working with him."

Milton Heath, Chairman, Heath, Inc.

"We count on Alan for creative ideas and for challenging our thinking. He has a good handle on all areas of strategic management and marketing and is very good at teambuilding; he has helped us a great deal in rethinking and better focusing our strategic direction and in taking a practical systems thinking approach to implementation of our strategic plan."

Tennessee Valley Authority Board of Directors Commendation

"The high quality of your work testifies to your commitment, enthusiasm and have done an excellent job in identifying the challenges of a deregulated, competitive utility industry and showing how TVA can meet those challenges successfully." ... TVA Board of Directors.

Walter C. Ivancevic, President, Northern Utilities (retired)

"He is very energetic and creative, and he always delivers first class results."

Rick Hinkie, President, Midwest Energy Association

"Alan has provided significant insight on the strategic and marketing issues facing the industry, and he has received top ratings on his presentation content and his presentation style. Senior people like to be challenged to think differently. "

Keith A, Hulbert, GM and CEO, Lakeland Electric

"Alan has been an outstanding guide in helping us redefine our strategic direction. He has provided invaluable contributions to our leadership development program and been a welcome coach to our executive team."

E. Leon Daggett, CEO, Kansas City Board of Public Utilities

" Alan helped my management team to communicate better with each other and work more openly and effectively together as a team through the process he guided us through. He was very helpful in getting our Board involved in our strategic planning process and getting their buy-in."

Susan Brown, CEO, Boppy

" He did a great job helping our management team through our brand extension opportunities and strategy."


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